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How do I know if I am qualified to do this business?

BBDG partners will have a phone conversation with you to determine whether or not you are qualified, while answering any and all questions you may have in order to determine if this opportunity is for you. Our best Brokers will have a varied background of business experience, and preferably some sales experience.


Are there any other costs in running this business?

Yes, but very minor - for the most part your additional expenses will only be for a DBA to set up your business (LLC is an option as well), business cards, paper and ink, possibly an occasional business lunch, and fuel.


Is training and support provided?

Absolutely!  BBDG provides a robust website and email, and an intensive 2 day training session in which every facet of the business will be covered.  This training will typically be done in your area. We will explain how to get started, how to find interested sellers, how to find buyers for your listings, how to keep everything flowing smoothly, how to close the deals, and everything in-between. We also provide all of the legal documents and marketing materials to run your business. Moving forward we are your point of contact and consultant for every deal from start to finish, helping you go through the process every step of the way, as well as handling all of the back office support and marketing of the business listings.


How much time does this business require?

It really depends on how successful you want to be.  A very nice income can result from working at this 20-30 hours a week – if you want more, you just need to put in more hours.  Some brokers have even started part-time while keeping their current job until their brokerage was to the point where they could leave the job and be a broker full time.  This business can provide you with time to spend with your family, and even have another source of income on the side if you wish.


How difficult is this business?

It is primarily a people business and one that requires good organizational skills.  If you are good at those 2 things it should be very doable for you.   Our training will put you in a position to handle everything thrown at you very quickly, and as time goes by and you gain experience, it becomes even easier.  If you can establish rapport with people, do what you say you are going to do, and keep things organized, there is no reason you can’t be successful at this.


Why should I partner with your company as opposed to other brokerages?

We have no doubt that the training offered by other firms is good, but ours is very good.  In addition, the fee to join many of those firms is a lot higher than what is required from BBDG – as high as 50k.  In addition, most firms will take a larger percentage of commissions on every deal that you do, some up to 60% - can you imagine doing all the work and giving away more than ½ of what you just earned (not to mention Uncle Sam’s cut)?  BBDG only requires a small percentage of your commissions, which helps pay for our ongoing support, your website and email address, advertising your listings nationwide, among other things.


How long does it take to sell my first listing?

Each listing and business is different, and there is no magic answer. The typical listing agreement is 9 months and some listings will sell quickly, in as little as a few weeks, some will take the entire listing time to close, and others somewhere in between– the secret is getting good listings, pricing the business properly, following up on every lead, and doing the things we teach you in training.


Can you explain the income guarantee?

BBDG guarantees that if you follow our system, you will make a minimum of $120,000 your first 12 months or you receive your initial investment back.  There are, of course, things you must do in order to qualify for the guarantee – you can’t just sit on your couch watching TV for a year and then ask for your money back – however, the things you need to do are focused on following a results oriented system with a proven history of success, as outlined in the Territory Agreement.

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