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Broker Territory Ownership*

$120k+ income Guarantee Following our System

We have developed a Nationwide Territory Training and Mentoring System that helps our Brokers list and maintain a minimum of 12-15 listings. A quality listing averages $52k in commission, and the goal is to sell 3-5 a year. The minimum commission on any listing is 10k, and those are typically distressed businesses or smaller businesses with less than 100k cash-flow. A Broker should sell several of these per year. Mid-Sized businesses that have over 500k in cash flow can generate a 6 figure commission, and a Broker should sell 1-2 of these per year. Our system, when followed, guarantees a minimum income of at least $120k in the first year. Click on Learn More to see if a Territory is available in your area.

*20k One time Exclusive Territory Fee 

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